May 25 Saturday
12 pm to 9 pm

Konijnenwei Antwerp, Belgium


Vendor Information

Fee: €200 (inclusive of €100 worth of raffle tickets)

      • Space of 3m x 3m at the venue
      • Electricity for 1 appliance (Magnetron/microwave is not allowed)
      •  Grilling in charcoal is not allowed
      • Deadline for registration: 28 April 2024

Vendor Registration

How to sign-up? Send the following information to

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      • Contact Person Name:
      • Email Address:
      • Contact Number:
      • Full Address:
      • Product/Service to sell:


Bayanihan sa Belgium VZW

To lend a hand and advocate for the FILIPINO CULTURE

Bayanihan (pronounced as) is a Filipino taken from word “Bayan” referring to a town or community. The whole term Bayanihan refers to a spirit of communal unity or effort to achieve a particular objective. The origin of the term Bayanihan can be traced to a common tradition in Philippine towns where community members volunteer to help a family move to a new place. The process involves literally carrying the house to its new location. This is done by putting bamboo poles forming a strong frame to lift the stilts from the ground and carrying the whole house with the men positioned at the ends of each pole.

Our Team | (From Left To Right:) Francis “Mayor” Madrid – Vice Chairman / Legal, Jesus “Jay” Jacinto Jr – Chairman, Ferdinand “Ferdie” Heibges – Secretary, Edilberto”Berto” Cabreros – Treasurer, Lemuel “Lem” Susi – Operation

We are a group of five individuals from Antwerp, Belgium aiming to fulfill our common goals to promote Filipino culture, traditions, and heritage; assemble Filipinos living in Belgium to accomplish meaningful tasks, and organize fund-raising events for the benefit of a number of charities.

Our Beneficiaries


For more information about our foundation, events, sponsorships and beneficiaries, you may send us a message via

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